Students who show leadership in both athletics and academics, may be approached by the Athletics Department to join Gray Academy's Athletic Council.

Gray Academy's 2015-2016 Athletic Council
Chaired by Micah Grubert Van Iderstine

The Athletic Council works together to create opportunities for all students - regardless of involvement in Raiders teams - to be unified by sport. To achieve this, they stand behind the following initiatives:

Raiders Giving Back

In an effort to build community through sport both inside and outside of the school, the Athletic Council organizes fundraisers throughout the year. Beneficiary agencies may or may not be directly involved with athletic ventures, but will always have a mission the students feel connected to.

Marketing Support

Our Athletic Council takes pride in our school's accomplishments in sport, and works alongside our marketing department to create videos, take pictures, update social media, and write pieces that help promote our athletic program and showcase the accomplishments of our athletes.

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