judaic studies - Grade 2

At this level, students continue to enjoy more tactical and formalized learning, and gain additional exposure to the various Judaics themes through integration into their daily rituals and routines.

Look at the expanding list below to learn more about how our Judaic Studies themes are explored in Grade 2.


The map of Israel becomes the narrator of the history of the nation of Israel – “Am Israel”. Students learn Jewish history through an illustrated timeline from creation to present day Israel.

Resource(s): Tal AM

Hebrew Language

Students continue to improve their Hebrew language proficiency through the Tal AM program. Handwriting and sentence structure are emphasized in Gr. 2.

Resource(s): Tal AM


Students study parshat B’reishit and Noah.  Parshat B’reishit is studied in great focus as this is the focus of the Chaggigat Ha-Torah and the beginning of their formal Torah study. Students receive their first Torah and begin to differentiate between biblical Hebrew and modern day Hebrew. Students continue learning the weekly Parshat Hashavua.  

Prayer & Spirituality

The students continue to expand their repertoire of T’fillot with an introduction to Hallel for Rosh Chodesh, counting of the Omer and the prayer for the State of Israel. Students strengthen their navigation skills in the siddur and become a “community of prayer” using their prayer book.


Students deepen their understanding of the Jewish holidays and begin to connect them to the stories in the Torah/Tanach.  Students continue to learn specific mitzvot for the holidays.

Resource(s): Tal AM


To Learn More

For more information about our Judaic Studies programming, please send an email to judaics@grayacademy.ca.

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