judaic studies - Grade 3

At this level, students continue to enjoy more tactical and formalized learning, and gain additional exposure to the various Judaics themes through integration into their daily rituals and routines.

Look at the expanding list below to learn more about how our Judaic Studies themes are explored in Grade 3.


The focus in Grade 3 is the planning and execution of the Imaginary Trip to the Land of Israel. The importance of each student beginning to connect to modern Israel today is emphasized. A connection to Israel is fostered throughout all of the subject areas. 

Resource(s): Tal AM

Hebrew Language

Students continue to build language skills in all areas of language acquisition through the Tal AM program. Students learn vocabulary and sentence structure centered around home and school life.

Resource(s): Tal AM


Students study the life of Avraham in Parshat Lech Lecha, Vayeira, Chayei Sarah and Toldot. Students learn to identify the themes of each story and discuss Jewish morals such as inviting guests, sibling love & rivalry and the idea of covenant between G-d and the Jewish people. 

Resource(s): Tal AM

Prayer & Spirituality

The students are navigating the Siddur and now begin to explore a variety of melodies for certain prayers. Ashrei and Amidah are introduced as well as new Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh prayers. A highlight is a weekly T’fillah visit from a Cantor in the community. 


The holidays are taught through expanded connections to the history of the Jewish people. Students further explore each holiday and begin to look at themes and lessons that enable them to personally connect to the meaning behind each. Students learn the historical background of each holiday. They learn the laws and traditions related to each.

Resource(s): Tal AM


To Learn More

For more information about our Judaic Studies programming, please send an email to judaics@grayacademy.ca.

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