judaic studies - Grade 5

In their later elementary years, students are able to look at bigger-picture issues and topics and engage in dialogue on a more mature level.

At this point, collaboration and class discussions become an integral part of our classroom dynamic and the delivery of our subject matters.

Look at the expanding list below to learn more about how our Judaic Studies themes are explored in Grade 5.


The students learn about and make personal connections to Israel through an in-depth study of various cities and regions of the country. A focus on geography, history and current issues facing Israel are explored and discussed.

Resource(s): Artzeinu

Hebrew Language

Students are encouraged to discuss their daily routines using popular phrases, expressions and vocabulary.  They continue to build their vocabulary and grammar skills through all areas of language learning.

Resource(s): Tal AM


The focus of Torah is the study of the book of Shmot.  Students study from the original text with reference to various commentaries and stories from the midrash.  Themes that are emphasized to connect students to the Torah stories include Moshe as leader and teacher, civil disobedience, time for prayer/action, and meeting challenges. Classroom discussions are an integral part of students connecting to Torah.

Prayer & Spirituality

In addition to scheduled T’fillah for Kabbalat Shabbat, Havdallah, Shacharit and Rosh Chodesh, students now learn the additional paragraphs to Sh’ma and Aleinu. 


Students will access prior knowledge of the holidays.  Themes that are highlighted for each holiday emphasize making each holiday meaningful and finding a personal connection to each student’s life.

Resource(s): Tal AM

To Learn More

For more information about our Judaic Studies programming, please send an email to judaics@grayacademy.ca.

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