In keeping with our vision to provide an education environment of excellence, strong Jewish values and proud global citizenship, we pride ourselves on our strong academic programming.

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Our co-ed student body, ranging from Junior Kindergarten through grade 12, has chosen to attend Gray Academy because of the unique qualities of our dual-track Judaic and General Studies curricula that provide our graduates with two recognized diplomas.

All of our students are exposed in varying capacities to the following academic programs and supports, and are able to customize their programming to meet their specific needs, interests, and abilities.

General Studies

Our accelerated General Studies program meets all Manitoba Education guidelines, but because of our dual-track program, our students complete all their provincial curricular requirements in half the time they would in the public school system.

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Support Services

Comprised of the Guidance, Special Education, Resource, and English as an Additional Language programs, our Support Services department works together to ensure every student is successfully included in each academic program, and is able to thrive both inside and outside of his or her classroom environment.

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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) courses afford students the ability to complete an accelerated course of study in chosen subjects, so they may proactively take post-secondary-level courses in grade 12 and receive College Board testing to challenge the post-secondary credit before entering a post-secondary institution.

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Judaic Studies

Gray Academy's Judaic Studies program couples traditional religious study with history and a value-based education. Our students are exposed to modern ethical dilemmas, historical perspectives and world religions, making our graduates informed and educated individuals comfortable with all of the various expressions of Jewish life.

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Information Communication Technology

Gray Academy’s ICT program aids its students in becoming skilled, knowledgeable, independent, and self-directed learners who are comfortable with and proficient in using technology in all its forms as information resources. 

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