Throughout the past century, children in Winnipeg have been able to experience how they are linked to their history, and their ancestors through a rich Jewish day school education.

Check out our timeline below for a detailed account of the journey we took to become the thriving Jewish day school we are today.

Our story...


King Edward Hebrew School, opens with a curriculum of Hebrew language, Talmud, Jewish literature and history.


Talmud Torah (Winnipeg Hebrew Free School) is formed. Over the next 30 years, many Talmud Torah schools are opened throughout Winnipeg.


I.L. Peretz Folk School is founded.


Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate is opened for General and Judaic Studies. Ramah Hebrew School opens with a curriculum including Hebrew language and Talmud until grade six.


I.L. Peretz Folk School and Talmud Torah combine into one school known as Talmud Torah – I.L. Peretz Folk School.


Gray Academy of Jewish Education opens, amalgamating Talmud Torah – I.L. Peretz Folk School, Ramah Hebrew School, and Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate into three schools under the umbrella of Gray Academy: Shore Elementary, Simkin Middle, and Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate. 


In 2004, all three independent Jewish schools unite under one name to finally form the single JK to grade 12 university preparatory school known as Gray Academy of Jewish Education. 


King Edward School opened its doors for the children of Jewish immigrants. Teaching a curriculum of Hebrew language, Talmud, Jewish literature and history, it was the first Talmud Torah School.


Rabbi Israel I. Kahanovitch formed the Winnipeg Hebrew Free School – Talmud Torah, which was located at the corner of Dufferin and Aikins. The quality and diversity of the education system continued to grow.


Talmud Torah located to a larger building at the corner of Flora and Charles. It became a hub in Western Canada for Hebrew learning and culture. Over the next 20 years more branches of the school would continue to open throughout the city.


The Yiddisher Yugend Farein, a cultural organization founded by new immigrants, started the Jewish Radical School. The name of the school was changed in 1915 to honour the Yiddish writer I.L. Peretz. It boasted a secular program stressing Yiddish language and Jewish history, and introduced a number of innovations to Jewish education in Winnipeg, including kindergarten and day school.


An English day school opened and grew with the arrival of Rabbi Avraham Kravetz as the new principal of Talmud Torah in 1946. Talmud Torah Parent Teachers’ Association was formed in 1947.


Shaarey Zedek Religious School opened to meet the growing need of Jewish people living in the South End of the city.


Maimonides College was created to provide advanced Hebrew education.


All the Talmud Torah branches merged and moved to a new North End location at the corner of Matheson and Powers. During the next few years, Talmud Torah continued to expand.


Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate opened for high school day students, combining General Studies with Jewish post-elementary studies. Ramah Hebrew School, a Kindergarten to Grade 6 school, opened to accommodate the need for a larger facility in the South End. The school curriculum included Hebrew language and Talmud. For the next three decades, both schools educated thousands of Jewish children in Winnipeg.


Winnipeg Board of Jewish Education formed to coordinate the operation of Talmud Torah, Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate and Ramah Hebrew School.


I.L. Peretz Folk School and Talmud Torah combined, and took on a new name, Talmud Torah - I.L. Peretz Folk School.


Gray Academy of Jewish Education opened at the Asper Jewish Community Campus in the south end of Winnipeg. It amalgamated Talmud Torah - I.L. Peretz Folk School, Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate and Ramah Hebrew School. The school was comprised of three divisions: Shore Early Years School, Simkin Middle School, and Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate.


Gray Academy of Jewish Education became a single school unto itself, amalgamating Shore Elementary School and Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate.


Gray Academy of Jewish Education is the largest Jewish day school in Western Canada, and the only day school in North America offering a growing Jewish homestay experience for international students. The school remains competitive on a national scale and achieves the national standards of excellence established by Canadian Accredited Independent Schools.

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