While we're focused on what our students are accomplishing during their time with us, we're also focused on where they'll be in the future.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses afford students the opportunity to complete an accelerated course of study in chosen subjects, so they may proactively take post-secondary-level courses while still in grade 12. AP students receive College Board testing to challenge their post-secondary credit before entering a post-secondary institution.


Students entering grade 7 may apply to take one or more pre-AP courses that lead up to taking the official College Board AP courses in grade 12. Courses that are offered include Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.

AP Benefits & Requirements

AP courses allow students to complete the requirements for each subject area by the end of grade 11, therefore giving them the opportunity to take approved AP 42A-level courses in grade 12. 

Required courses (by subject area) for AP Placement in Grades 7 to 12:

AP English Credit

Language Arts (gr. 7)
Language Arts 10F (gr. 8)
Language Arts 20S (gr. 9)
English 30S (gr. 10)
English 40S (gr. 11)
AP English 42A (gr. 12)

AP European History Credit

Social Studies (gr. 7)
Social Studies 10G (gr. 8)
Geography 20G (gr. 9)
History 30S (gr. 10)
World Issues 40S (gr. 11)
AP European History 42A (gr. 12)

AP Calculus Credit

Math (gr. 7)
Math 10F (gr. 8)
Pre-Calculus Math 20S (gr. 9)
Pre-Calculus Math 30S (gr. 10)
Pre-Calculus Math 40S (gr. 11)
AP Calculus 42A (gr. 12)

AP Biology Credit

Science (gr. 7)
Science 10F (gr. 8)
Science 20G (gr. 9)
Biology 30S (gr. 10)
Biology 40S (gr. 11)
AP Biology 42A (gr. 12)

AP Chemistry Credit

Science (gr. 7)
Science 10F (gr. 8)
Science 20G (gr. 9)
Chemistry 30S (gr. 10)
Chemistry 40S (gr. 11)
AP Chemistry 42A (gr. 12)


Completion of a grade 12 AP 42A-level course gives students the following benefits:

  • one high school credit at the 42A level
  • eligibility to take the International AP Exam from the College Board
  • first-year university course credit (College Board testing results pending)
  • second-year placement in university courses (College Board testing results pending)
  • scholarship bonuses... and more! 

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