Outside of their academic studies, Gray Academy invites its students to participate in activities and groups that allow them to apply their academic skills, while creating a community with other students who have similar interests. These groups range from elementary to high school and competitive to non-competitive.

Junior & Senior Competitive Debate and Public Speaking

Students who are enrolled in the junior mandatory and senior elective debate classes are qualified to compete in a variety of debate and public speaking tournaments. Through these tournaments, students refine their oral presentation skills as both individuals and as members of a team. They analyze topics, listen to others, and logically refute their opposition’s arguments. Students winning our regional tournaments often go on to compete and find success at the national and international level.

(Open to students in gr. 7 - 9 and gr. 10 - 12)

Mathematics Competitions

Students compete at the provincial and national level in skills-based mathematics competitions. Our students are regularly found at the top of both the provincial and national lists.

(Open to students in  gr. 5 - 12)

Reach for the Top

Trivial Pursuit is not for the faint-hearted! This group is designed to build confidence and teamwork through increasing their trivia knowledge. Weekly practices cover a wide range of trivia topics and the sessions are both fun and informative. Gray Academy participates at the Intermediate and Senior levels in contests with other schools.

(Open to students in gr. 7 - 12)

Gray Academy Spelling Bees

The Gray Academy Spelling Bees take place as junior and senior competitions for students wanting a chance to express their spelling prowess. Qualifying students from gr. 4 - 8 and gr. 9 - 12 take the stage in the Berney Theatre after having mini-bees in their ELA classes. The qualifying procedure is the same for both the junior and senior competitions. The winners are acknowledged by having their names engraved on a school trophy.

(Open to students in gr. 4 - 12)

Fern Shawna Rykiss Literary Competition

Each year Gray Academy holds the Fern Shawna Rykiss literary competition. This competition honours the memory of former student, Fern Shawna Rykiss z"l ('89) , who tragically lost her life in Israel in 1989 during a bus hijacking. High school students are encouraged to submit original prose or poetry to be read by a panel of outside literary judges. The deadline for entries is in mid-February.  Winning pieces are published in our yearbook.

(Open to students in gr. 7 -12)

Book Clubs

Book clubs run for elementary students with the class structure varying for each age group. Earlier grades go through easy readers, often using older student volunteer readers, and Gr. 4 to 6 read juvenile fiction books. Our Gr. 6 Book Club runs like an adult book club, with students reading independently and meeting twice a month to discuss that session’s book. At the end of a book we watch the corresponding movie (if available) and order lunch from Schmoozer’s Cafe.

(Open to students in gr. 1 - 6)

Chess Club

Students with an interest in learning to play or enhancing their skills in the strategic game are invited to join our Chess Club. Students meet with a mentor during lunch periods to practice their skills. Students are invited to register for the regional tournament, held each spring, through the Manitoba Scholastic Chess Association. Winners are eligible to play at the annual Canadian Chess Challenge.

(Open to students in gr. 1 - 4)

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